Cannabis Coach – What is it ? How does it work ?

The Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program is comprised of two components. The first is a 5-part mp3 audio course and this is followed by 10 worksheets. Cannabis Coach addresses the key points of addiction and ways to stop smoking marijuana that other programs don’t.

Component One: The Audio Course.

First off the best thing about The Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program is that Gary has compiled the whole course in audio format. This is the most important benefit for anyone who has a short attention span due to smoking weed. It makes the whole course much easier to follow.

The five one hour long parts to the audio course. So the best way to listen to it would be somewhere quiet so as not to be distracted. Lock the door, turn off your cell phone, wear headphones, relax and concentrate.

Gary does not provide a transcript with his Cannabis Coach program but as far as I am concerned this is a bonus. Each separate part of course lasts an hour and that in itself can be a long time to keep your attention. But you want to quit weed don’t you ? And besides, I personally find it hard to concentrate on one of those huge e-books so I much prefer to have audio rather than text.  Also, listening to the audio is a bit like talking to an understanding friend; not blaming or criticizing as so many others do. His “been there, done that” approach helps in the attempt to stop smoking Marijuana.

Component Two: The Worksheets.

The audio course will guide you through a process where you will begin to understand your addiction, your cravings, and your emotions. Once you understand these elements the worksheets help you create a personalized plan that WILL work for you. (If you want to stop smoking marijuana, you need a plan.) This plan provides you with real-life solutions that work.

Using the worksheets will help you evaluate what certain parts of the course mean to YOU and you only. You can figure out what exactly triggers your cravings and put a solid plan into action to tackle them. This constitutes a major part of the process to quitting smoking cannabis.

You can check out the Cannabis Coach by clicking here


My honest opinion

Well now to be perfectly honest Cannabis is not physically addictive so do not let yourself be patronized by other review sites. You do not need to be “healed” and you are not “trapped” ! There is no “cold turkey” involved unless you are also trying to give up tobacco as well, in which case you will find it harder to quit. However the difficulties with quitting weed are more psychological. It’s a mental “addiction” that can, in some cases, prove just as hard to shake as a physical one. But in most cases you will find that if you really want to stop smoking cannabis, then you are already 90% of the way there.

What I found when I tried to quit weed was I needed that extra motivation to see it through (I had smoked pot for 35 years !). This is what the Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program by Gary Evans provides in a simple yet effective way. It is super easy to follow and I can honestly say that this program will be all you need to give you that extra boost in will power to help you stop smoking cannabis.

If you like my review feel free to leave a comment. You may find that reading this review will give you that extra little push to quit by yourself. However if you are still having difficulty quitting weed by yourself then I recommend you give the Cannabis Coach a shot and if you find it does not work for you, Gary Evans provides an 8 week no quibble money back guarantee.

Quit smoking Cannabis – the benefits

I promised you an honest review of the Cannabis Coach, and that is what this site is about. So it is only fair that I list some benefits for quitting weed.

Health: Well the most obvious benefit to your health will be the fact that smoking anything can be harmful to your lungs, especially if you smoke tobacco as well. Also it has long been established that smoking marijuana destroys brain cells. As it is impossible to count my brain cells, I can’t really say whether or not I am more or less intelligent than I was 35 years ago. But I will admit that the occasional short term memory loss I suffered while I was still using cannabis no longer affects me. So I can’t preach about cannabis being dangerous to your health because quite simply, as a long term cannabis smoker, I can honestly say that it is NOT been dangerous to my health. But with newer and stronger strains of weed such as Skunk, there is no way of gauging the long term affects as these strains have not been around for long enough for any meaningful scientific study. Besides which most ‘scientific studies’ are invariably undertaken my government sponsored scientists. Therefor these studies and the subsequent reports are not be trusted.

The Law: Now if, like me, you live someplace where cannabis is illegal, then you could be constantly half looking over your shoulder because you do not want to get busted. A conviction for using marijuana can be a damning stigma in a society which frowns upon such activity. Not only that but the legality issue with smoking cannabis is often used for political ends by successive governments. A pot smoker is an easy target and a great way for the authorities to manipulate crime figures.  “One cannabis user arrested = one crime solved!”. As far as I am concerned, cannabis should be legalised. Period.

Money: WARNING: Cannabis Can Be Harmful To Your Wealth ! That’s right folks, my main reason for quitting weed was financial. Growing weed to save money was never really an option for me as it is more illegal here to grow it than actually smoking it, (up to 14 years in prison for growing Skunk in the UK). This puts tokers at the mercy of the dealers and it does cost a lot of money. I worked out that I was spending in excess of £7000 ($10,000) a year ! Saving that money was the real benefit, and this is what I used my first years saving on:

Harley 007

I transformed my ratty old Harley Davidson into the beautiful motorcycle you see here. I must admit that not only would I not have been able to afford such a transformation, but I would never have got of my ass to actually build it. So the final benefit, and a very important one is you are likely to get a lot more things done. Even though my own life has not really suffered because of long term cannabis smoking, I find it an advantage to get things done on time these days.